August 15, 2006


This is the first ever Family Edition in The Amazing Hunt. However, it was the most challenging event in all the 2006 races. The kids really had proven themselves to other teenagers and adults that they could not be reckon with. Even though producing this special Family Edition is more difficult than other races, it is definitely rewarding to see the kids having the time of their lives!

Race Result:
1st - Greg & Sean
2nd - Shane & Jeremy
3rd - Dylan & Sean
4th - Augustina & Nick
5th - Fuji & Yumi
6th - Bob & Nathan (Yielded by Dylan & Sean)

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bunchy said...

I did the amazing hunt race with my son nicholas and we had so much fun. It was just like we were on the race from T.V and IM so addicted to that show, I ve always wished it was open to Canadians. So when I learned about the amazing hunt I was very eager to try ,so my son who watches the amazing race with me agreed to do the family edition with me and oh my goodness what a total blast!! It felt like the real thing way to much fun thanks Bill