February 13, 2009


Another season of The Amazing Race will be showing on CBS in just two days. This time, rather than promoting their usual "race around the world", it focus on how this race will change the dynamic of each and every team's relationship.

Looking forward to see what this season can offer the viewers as the preview of the first episode seems astonishing. Maybe, it is time for The Amazing Hunt to create a new promo vid... :p

November 08, 2008


Since the beginning, The Amazing Hunt has modeled after The Amazing Race to create similar reality TV like racing experience. Through out the years, new elements have been added in the race to make the race more exciting, more challenging, and teams will need to come up their own unique strategy.

Other than the regular “Route Info”, “Detour”, “Roadblock” and “Fast Forward,” The Amazing Hunt has also implemented “Yield”, “Merge (known as Intersection in The Amazing Race)” and “U-turn.”

In 2008, The Amazing Hunt surprises the racers with a brand new element that is not seen in the TV show called “Roundabout.” Roundabout certainly creates more variables to the race and definitely encourages teams who have less physical strength to play this game with their wit.

So, what’s going to happen in the year of 2009? In 2007, there were 7 elements; in 2008, “Roundabout” factored in and therefore there were 8 elements; and will there be another element appearing in The Amazing Hunt?

There are already some new surprises brewing… Let’s wait and see!


The Amazing Race 13 is on its way and once again with 11 teams of 2 who are travelling around the world for 1 million US dollar. At the same time, The Amazing Race Asia 3 is making its way around Asia and beyond with another 10 teams of 2 aiming to gain $100,000 US dollar in their wallet.

The editing, intensity of the race, and the teams’ dynamic in TARA3 is better than TAR13. However, the Asian version didn’t include the new twist “U-turn”, as well as the “Speed Bump.”

Personally, I am a little bit disappointed of TAR13's racecourse creation in a few legs with the exception of the leg in New Zealand. Some of the tasks were poorly designed and didn’t create any drama between the teams. In addition, I found some tasks in TAR13 are become more complicated for viewers to follow and it certainly didn’t represent the culture of the country that the teams were in. So, some episodes are not as nearly exciting as the ones in the previous seasons. As some fans indicate, it becomes a bit repetitive. Let's bring some excitement and tensity back to the race!


After exactly 3 years, The Amazing Hunt is finally back in Fort Langley and Langley for the second time. With 4 teams of 2, they raced across these two cities on the hottest day of this summer.

The racecourse focused on the unique lifestyle in the "country side of Vancouver." Even though the tasks are not too challenging, but the "nice" weather made them more unbearable. It was the first time that teams were not being supportive and bickered with each other during roadblocks. However, the detours brought the teams back and worked together chopping woods on a farm and searching for a certain antique in the shop.

In the end, with age comes wisdom, the grandparents Steve and Wendy never gave up and came from last place to first place. They are officially the winner in the 2008 Langley race and the oldest winning team in the history of The Amazing Hunt.

1st – Jordan & Jenn
2nd – Amanda & Nicole
3rd – Aaron & Kim
4th – Steve & Wendy (Yielded by Amanda & Nicole)
1st – Steve & Wendy
2nd – Amanda & Nicole (U-turned by Jordan & Jenn)
3rd – Jordan & Jenn
4th – Aaron & Kim

May 05, 2008


Once again, the race started on a rainy Saturday where 10 teams of 2 set off from Pacific Colesium. Unlike previous Vancouver races in 2006 and 2007, this time, the race focused on Vancouver East area instead of the west.

The race literally took "lactose intolerant" to a new height where teams have to complete a Detour choosing between 2 litre of milk or 500 grams of plain yougrt. Then, a Merge forced the teams to work together to finish 1 bucket of ice cream. Other than that, teams were challenged to find their clue by digging through sands; in addition, they need to find their way in China Town between "Lost In Translation" and "Lost In Transaction."

A new twist "Roundabout" appeared in this race which teams have to map out their own route that worked best in their advantage to 2 different destinations. Then, they need to collect the clues from each location to figure out their way to the pit stop. "Roundabout" sure threw the teams into a loop and definitely tested the teams knowledge about the city. Of course, the new twists from the TV show, "U-Turn", appeared in this race as well, and teams were not hesitated of using it.

In the end, the underdog Bonnie and Brian fought their way and claimed the title of the winner of 2008 Vancouver race. And Garry and Tina, who almost gave up and wanted to quit the race due to a frustrating digging task, came close in second place. It definitely proves once again that the race has its infinite possibility. It is not the end for anyone until crossing the finish line!

One of the racers, Rebecca, has also done a recap about the race... feel free to read it from a racer's perspective!

Over all, I hope everyone had a great time despite the gag reflex feeling they may have when they try to run with all kinds of food in their stomach. It was not a easy race to produce but it was definitely another great success.

1st - John & Rebecca
2nd - Connie & Ken
3rd - Daniel & Jeffery
4th - Nora & Sean
5th - Jennifer & Sandra
6th - Jenny & Kristy
7th - Bonnie & Brian
8th - Garry & Tina
9th - Akina & James
10th - Nicole & Robert (U-Turned by Bonnie & Brian)
1st - Connie & Ken

2nd - Daniel & Jeffery
3rd - Nora & Sean
4th - Garry & Tina
5th - Jennifer & Sandra
6th - Bonnie & Brian
7th - John & Rebecca
8th - Jenny & Kristy
9th - Akina & James
10th - Nicole & Robert
1st - Bonnie & Brian

2nd - Garry & Tina
3rd - Connie & Ken
4th - Nora & Sean
5th - Akina & James
6th - John & Rebecca
7th - Jennifer & Sandra
8th - Daniel & Jeffery (Yielded by Connie & Ken)
9th - Jenny & Kristy
10th - Nicole & Robert

January 23, 2008


In 2008, The Amazing Hunt features a year of "The Infinite Possibilities!" Get ready for the possibility to win an advance screening pass to an upcoming movie.

The Amazing Hunt is proud to be part of a promotional partnership with Warner Bros’ upcoming treasure hunt themed movie, Fool’s Gold, opening in theatres on February 8th 2008. It is part romantic comedy and part action adventure and features Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, who had previously teamed on the romantic comedy How to lose a guy in 10 days.

Register now in any of our 2008 races and you can get a pass for two to attend the advance screening on February 6th at 7pm at Fifth Avenue Cinema located on 2110 Burrard Street.

As we always state in the clue, this opportunity is a first come first serve basis. So, it is critical to register early in order to be a part of this unique adventure on the big screen.

Let the treasure hunt begin!

For more information about the movie, please visit http://www.foolsgoldmovie.com/

December 05, 2007


Every year, The Amazing Hunt always have past racers coming back once again to enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush and to have a shot at the winning title. Inevitably, there bound to be some repeated locations and tasks. However, when The Amazing Hunt revisit these places, there is always something new that I discover. Then, I come up with new ways to write the clues and to come up with more difficult tasks.

Is the race getting more challenging every year? Yes, it is true. For example, in October 2005, The Amazing Hunt was fortunate enough to hold a race in Chilliwack which I personally do want to go back again someday. In the Chilliwack corn maze, teams were asked to perform a challenge to search a route marker near a very visible wooden bridge. In September 2007, The Amazing Hunt was given a chance to experience the famous Bose Family Corn Maze. This time, without any indication, teams were required to find a marked clue box somewhere in a massive corn field. It was not an easy task.

What can you expect from The Amazing Hunt in 2008? The race format will undergo a drastic change and teams will encounter more skill related tasks. In addition, most of the challenges cannot be dominate by physicality alone. They certainly require the understanding of your personal inner strength.

So, don't let your age or gender be your setback. Everyone will have a fair shot. It all depends on how well you know the city and how much you are willing to push yourself to accomplish something that you are probably not familiar with in your daily life. The Amazing Hunt is here to promote an adventure that everybody can be a part of!

November 26, 2007


The Amazing Race never seize to amaze the viewers. Even though the concept of the show and the format of the race is a little bit repetitive and boring, the incredible casts and new twists make the show better than ever. Apparently, the rumor was that there will be two new twists in this season, U-TURN and SPEED BUMP! In episode 4, "U-TURN" appeared after SHAKE YOUR PAN OR SHAKE YOUR BOOTY detour which allows one team to force another team to go back to the complete both detour options.

The Amazing Race Asia started their season 2 installement and it looks better than ever. The starting line music still sucks but the editing is way much better than last season. The overall premier is more interesting, intense and unpredictable to watch comparing to TAR. It is undoubtly that TARA is going to be a great success. Sigh... when can we have a Canadian version of a reality TV racing show?

The Amazing Hunt is going to launch the 2008 races soon with new rules and new twists. Definitely without a doubt, "U-TURN" element fits our new theme and new format perfectly and racers should expect to see this new power in play at somepoint during the race. And now, I am just anxious to see what "SPEED BUMP" is going to be like and see if I can implement that too. After all, The Amazing Hunt is always trying our best to present you the most similar racing experience to the TV show.

November 22, 2007


What makes a reality TV show worth watching?
The concept? The twists? or the casts?

The casts is the core of any reality TV show. This is where the heart-warming moments, non-stopping dramas, and controversial issues created. The reason that I am so addicted to reality TV shows is all about how human nature reacts under different situations.

With that said, creating The Amazing Hunt allows me to meet diverse people with interesting personalities. One of the big thrills for me, personally, is having them racing in an adrenaline filled adventure and watching the process unfold... namely how some people crumble under pressure!

Here is a footage from the 2007 August race in Vancouver. During the mid-way of the race where the participants had been physically exhausted racing for 3-hour continously, you will get to see how each team's dynamic and each person's true color showing without sensor bit by bit... enjoy!

November 19, 2007


"You may think you know everything about the race..."
This is what we always say at the starting line.

Past racers and avid TAR watchers probably believe they have everything figure out. Well, things are about to change! In 2008, The Amazing Hunt has T.I.P. for you - "The Infinite Possibilities!"

Based on the original concept, The Amazing Hunt is about to spice things up with new races, new rules and new twists. Unlike previous years, there is a new twist involving teams must map up their own route. As they figure out, they must find a way that works in their advantage to go to all possible locations with the shortest amount of time. This new concept will forced teams to play with strategy. It is truly test of your brains and brawn.

The Amazing Hunt is not just another urban adventure. We are always taking risks, seeking for improvement, and making the race more exhilarating. So, get ready to experience "The Infinite Possibilities!"

November 10, 2007


"Expect the unexpected"... this is the theme for The Amazing Hunt 2007 races. Well, it definitely held true once again in our 2007 championship race!

The weather was unexpectedly nice today. After all the raining and low temperature, the day was sunny and not to cold for a day in November. As always, the eligible teams for the championship gathered and didn't know what to expect. It was a 6-hour race across the Greater Vancouver region which they were only allowed to travel on foot and by public transportation.

Teams were spread out from the beginning when some teams cannot even figure out where Pacific Central Station located. Then, teams encountered a detour choice between "Lost in Translation" and "Lost in Transaction." Teams had a hard time to locate a store with only foreign characters provided. What was more suprising was that some teams also got lost when they were trying to find a store even with the address given. Later, teams are instructed to go to North Vancouver by seabus and resulted in a 2, 5 spilt as first two teams were fighting for the 1st place and rest fought for not getting eliminated.

The final twist was revealed when Andy & Shane checked in the pit stop first. As the winning team for this leg of the race, they obtained a new power which they could use it to switch two teams' depature order from the pit stop. With that, Andy & Shane decided to switch Norman & Trevor with Cheri & Martin. This never before seen twist (power) brings another new aspect to the race. I am sure we will see some similar new power appear in the future race!

In the 2nd leg, teams were asked to solve a clue and faced a in-door rock climbing challenge. Two teams failed to do so and took a 30-minute time penalty. Later, teams have to locate some little-known location to search for the route marker. While several teams got lost, two teams surged ahead to the final challenge, a detour at Craving For a Game in Central City Shopping Centre.

It was a choice between "Numbers" and "Puzzles". No teams had chosen Numbers because the questions were related to The Amazing Hunt itself which once again proved to be difficult for all teams like last year's championship race. In Puzzles, teams need to put all the puzzle pieces back to the provided container. It was a huge shocked for me to see some smart teams struggled and some teams just had their luck and finished the task in no time.

In the end, it was proven that family ties are stronger than anything. The father and son team, Dirk and Roger, claimed the title of The Amazing Hunt 2007 champions. Also, a congratulation to the under dog, Dave and Jeff, just 2 seconds short, came in 3rd place.

Overall, the tasks weren't difficult but it was physical and also mentally stressful to travel across the Greater Vancouver region only relied on public transits. A few teams said that the extensive traveling made their brain not function as well as usual and caused them the race. But, all of them had a great time in such a good weather and the race result was just really unexpected!

All the thanks to the racers and staffs making the 2007 races possible. See you all next year!

1st - Andy & Shane
2nd - Dean & Stephen
3rd - Norman & Trevor
4th - Dave & Jeff
5th - Dirk & Roger
6th - Cheri & Martin
7th - Colin & Julie
1st - Dirk & Roger
2nd - Norman & Trevor (Yielded by Andy & Shane)
3rd - Dave & Jeff
4th - Andy & Shane
5th - Cheri & Martin
6th - Dean & Stephen
7th - Colin & Julie

October 26, 2007


The Amazing Race returns for its 12th season on November 4th 2007 Sunday. There are some pretty unique teams like the goth couple, Asian father and daughter team, grandfather and grandson, and the lesbian ministers. I am definitely looking forward to see how these unique teams are going to pan out in the race.

For that said, The Amazing Hunt also welcomes diverse teams to be a part of this fun, exciting, and the most surprising urban adventure. No matter what your age, gender, sexual orientation, and occupation, we would like to see people with various of type of exisiting relationships to participate in our event.

On the other hand, it is almost the time for the 2007 Championship race. It is undoubtly going to be the most vicious battle ever. Are these teams going to be ready to "expect the unexpected" for the last time?

September 09, 2007


Thank you Rebecca once again for posting a very thorough and detailed information about the race.

I guess I don't have to do any recap. So, I will just share my personal thoughts towards how I planned this race and how the things turned out.

Planning Surrey race wasn't as hard as I thought even though it indeed covered an enormous area. Unlike the Vancouver one, this race was about challenging teams' brain rather than their brawn although the run from Lions Gate Lookout Park to White Rock Pier was really physically grueling.

As the race went on, the task got crazier. The tidious "price checking" and "plank counting", the troubled navigation in the corn maze, and lastly the gross-out eating challenge at Honey Bee Centre. All these tasks were testing teams to overcome their mentality.

Once again, Merge came into play and one team was destined not able to merge but at the same time, there was also the Fast Forward available. For this particular Fast Forward, teams were given a choice to take a 30-minute time penalty and then proceed directly to the finish line which it has never been done before in The Amazing Hunt. It would be a great strategy to take the Fast Forward for the 4 teams who were on the first train. It could definitely guarentee a 1st place finish. But, teams were put into a difficult situation to make an ultimate decision.

I was impressed by several racers to overcome their physical ability and finish the race with a sense of humor and strong will. It was a difficult race and a hot day just made it more challenging. Thanks to The Bose Family Corn Maze, Honey Bee Centre and Sports Starz help us creating such wonderful tasks.

Race Result:
1st - Alex & Sharon
2nd - Cheri & Martin
3rd - Dean & Stephen
4th - Jenny & Rebecca
5th - Les & Lyle
6th - Sigrid & Jennifer
7th - Bobbie & Tarina
1st - Dean & Stephen
2nd - Cheri & Martin
3rd - Alex & Sharon
4th - Jenny & Rebecca
5th - Sigrid & Jennifer (claimed Fast Forward)
6th - Les & Lyle
7th - Bobbie & Tarina
* no teams opted to use the yield

August 11, 2007


It was on a sunny Saturday and 11 teams of 2 embarked on the most physically challenging race ever in The Amazing Hunt. It was a battle of endurance as teams encountered the most physically strenuous tasks throughout the entire race in Vancouver.

Teams started at BC Place, the world’s largest air supported domed stadium and the home to the BC’s largest trade consumer shows. The teams sprinted their way and discovered that they must get ready to experience a full day of summer sports including ladder ascending, stairs climbing, and stand-up paddling. In addition, the race wouldn’t be the same without a nasty eating challenge which teams must choose between “Eggs First” and “Chicken First.” To my surprise, Garry and Rocco performed both detour options and resulted in a 30 minute penalty which made them fell from 4th place to 6th place at the pit stop.

Talking about penalties, Intersection came in play once again in the Vancouver race which teams must choose between “Aquabus” and “Taxi” to get to what teams assumed to be a pit stop. Evan and Linda chose “Taxi” at the Intersection but mistakenly boarding the aquabus which made them end up from 5th place to 7th place at the pit stop with a 30-minute time penalty as well.

Why is this race the most physically challenging race ever? Well, expect the unexpected! When the teams arrived what it was supposed to be a pit stop, they were informed by the host that this leg wasn’t finished yet and were given their next clue. This twist definitely sent a shockwave and teams experienced high levels of anxiety as this was the longest 5-hour one leg race.

I am so proud of many participants when they fought through their fears and pushed their limit to try their best to finish the race. Congratulate to Ursula and Stan coming in first place and ending the winning streak of two men team.

Thank you to all the participants and race staff who made this race possible. Also, I would like to thank Cliffhanger and Windsure Adventure Water Sports helped us create such fantastic and exciting tasks.

Race Result:
1st - Norman & Trevor
2nd - Dave & Jeff
3rd - Deanna & Ellen
4th - Ursula & Stan
5th - Nora & Sean
6th - Garry & Rocco
7th - Evan & Linda
8th - Lambert & Lien
9th - Lisa & Mimi
10th - Ann-Marie & Ann
11th - Sandra & Shannon (TBC)
1st - Ursula & Stan
2nd - Norman & Trevor
3rd - Deanna & Ellen
4th - Sandra & Shannon
5th - Nora & Sean
6th - Garry & Rocco (Yielded by Norman & Trevor)
7th - Lambert & Lien
8th - Dave & Jeff
9th - Lisa & Mimi
10th - Evan & Linda
11th - Ann-Marie & Ann

March 17, 2007


Despite the not-so-sunny weather once again, this time, 5 families of 2 embarked on another family edition in Downtown Vancouver. This time, the teams were all consisted with teens which brought a different dynamic to the family composition.

Even though the entire racecourse covered half of the downtown and it was quite a distance for teams to travel only on foot, the truly challenging part of the race is the tasks teams encountered especially where teams went to English Bay to dig through a pile of sand to find their clue.

Thanks to The Old Spaghetti Factory and Sea to Sky Golf helping us set up tasks and provided the racers some memorable moments and interesting experience.

Race Result:
1st - Nicky & Liam
2nd - Shane & Jeremy
3rd - Sean & Seamus
4th - Dylan & Sean
5th - Scott & Chelsea
1st - Shane & Jeremy
2nd - Nicky & Liam (Yielded by Shane & Jeremy)
3rd - Sean & Seamus
4th - Scott & Chelsea
5th - Dylan & Sean

March 11, 2007


It is fun to watch this year's participants being very competitive both on and off the race. It is nice to spice things up! Of course, it is great to have some racers with big personality. However, do not get too personal! Please still try to show some respect to others!

Also, from now on, please leave your name when you are posting any comments. Otherwise, I won't publish it under any circumstance. Also, for people who are being trash talked, even though you see the poster's name, do not take it too seriously or too personal.

March 10, 2007


After all the effort from everyone, Northshore race finally happened. However, this is the 1st of all the 17 races I have done under such a crappy weather. But, still, we prevailed! And comparing the weather to today (March 11th), I still think we are lucky enough to have a weather where it was sunny at the starting line and 1st leg, heavy rain at the 2nd leg, and little rain in the 3rd leg.

This time, the "marked for elimination" twist appeared in the Northshore race which the last team to arrive at the pit stop will receive a 5-minute time penalty when they step onto the mat. However, this penalty would still occur even if the team arrives at the pit stop in first place. So, a warning to the future racers, never come in last!

Past racers gave me a lot of compliment about how this northshore race is way better than the previous one they attended and possible the best one yet... If you have watched "TAR all-stars", this season's is really intense; and this is what I am aiming to achieve in this year's race as well! It is all about pushing people out of their comfort zone and put them in a difficult condition to do something that they would not normally do. In this particular race, I would discribe the whole concept as a "either do or die" situation. And the winner has definitely proven that!

The race started with a motor boat ride at Sewell Marina to search for a marker on the sea; then a delicious eating challenge with either freezing cold ice cream or frying hot seafood delicacy; follow with an excruciating watery challenge in this cold and rainy weather; and end up with a heavy-lifting farm chore in Maplewood Farm. A little extravagant, but that is what the Northshore is all about!

Honestly, this race is very diffcult to coordinate right from the start. But, I am glad it is done! I would like to thank the staffs at Maplewood farm to help us setting up the task. They are really kind and very helpful! All the participants who completed the race. Also, my wonderful volunteers who withstood the weather and a cranky producer... :p

Race Result:
1st - Colin & Julie
2nd - Eric & Jackie
3rd - Hayley & Juanito
4th - Nicole & Stacy
5th - Dirk & Roger
6th - Ashley & Tara
7th - Dave & Jeff
8th - Brandon & Geoff (marked for elimination)
1st - Colin & Julie
2nd - Dave & Jeff
3rd - Nicole & Stacy
4th - Dirk & Roger
5th - Hayley & Juanito
6th - Ashley & Tara
7th - Brandon & Geoff
8th - Eric & Jackie (eliminated)

* no teams went for the fast forward
* no teams opted to use the yield
1st - Dirk & Roger
2nd - Colin & Julie
3rd - Dave & Jeff
4th - Nicole & Stacy
5th - Brandon & Geoff
6th - Ashley & Tara
7th - Hayley & Juanito

February 10, 2007


It is only the first race in 2007 and there are already lots of unexpected moment for both racers and myself.

First, 3 teams took the penalty for the counting beads roadblock. Second, Fast Forward did not guareentee a 1st place for Andy & Shane. Third, women (Janine, Nora, & Rebecca) dominated the beer chugging task in Granville Island Brewing while men (Christian & Shane) suffered. Lastly, the "intersection" twist caused lead teams to fall behind while Christian and Damon still survived after a long-period of time-penalty and won the race by merely seconds.

Looking back of today's race, it has proven that good strategy, skilled navigation, and also luck can alter the outcome. Don't ever think that because you are either physically fit or unfit, it will affect the chance of winning. Everyone has a equal chance of coming first!

By the way, since last year, we never had any female-female winning team and we had consecutively 5 male-male winners. So, I believe it is time to demonstrate there is still girl-power in adventure race; and it is also a good time for co-ed team to make a surge as well...

Here is a thorough race report written by Rebecca at

Race Result:
1st - Nora & Sean
2nd - Beverley & Janine
3rd - Andy & Shane (claimed Fast Forward)
4th - Jenny & Rebecca
5th - Christian & Damon
1st - Christian & Damon
2nd - Andy & Shane
3rd - Nora & Sean
4th - Beverley & Janine (yielded by Andy & Shane)
5th - Jenny & Rebecca


Beware! Here are the twists in this year's races:

1) MERGE is very similar to the "Intersection" on the TV show. It requires two teams to join forces until further notice. But, unlike the TV show, the new unit of 4 people must either finish one task together or several tasks seperately depends on the given clue.

2) INTERSECTION is a brand new element where teams are forced deliberately to proceed to different destinations. Teams can only decide based on the limited amount of information provided. It is better if you have a good knowledge about the city you are racing in. Otherwise, it can be a surprise for some. This is where you will need to use your brain rather than your brawn.

3) Unlike previous races, instead of giving teams race money at the start of each leg, teams will receive all the money at the starting point. So, you need to be smarter about controlling your spending through out the entire race rather than just leg by leg.

4) In the past, teams were informed in the clue when they are going to reach a pit stop. However, starting this year, there will be no indication as where the pit stop is going to be. So, teams must stay at a high alert that any checkpoint could be a pit stop in the race.

5) Adapted from the TV show, whoever arrive last at the pit stop, they still get to keep their posession but will receive a time-penalty which will incur somewhere during the race. Is it the same as "marked for elimination"? Sorry, can't tell you until the next race in North and West Vancouver.

For your information, there are still more twists to come~~

January 26, 2007


It has come to my attention that it is a very difficult situation for Canadian Television to produce an Amazing-Race like reality TV show. It does require a huge budget to do so. However, it doesn't mean we Canadian should stop there.

Until now, we haven't seen any individuals in U.S. or in Canada that produce an Amazing-Race like event and also with a very well-produced footage on a regular basis. The volunteers and I in The Amazing Hunt have devoted a great deal and also put in a huge effort to support this local version adventure race.

On the other hand, some of you may have seen The Amazing Race Asia. The race is very well-produced but the editing is not as good as The Amazing Race. But, everything comes with time and experience. I believe TARA will also become a big success. This could also apply to the possible Canadian version of The Amazing Race.

But back to the reality, Canadian television does not have a huge budget to produce any TV show. With a smaller population and viewers comparing to U.S., it is even more difficult to gather Canadian and/or other countries' sponsors to support Canadian television show. So, in the end, the possibility of producing Canadian version of Amazing Race is close to zero.

However, we don't have to come up with a Canadian version of Amazing Race. We can come up our own Canadian reality TV race. It may be based on or inspired by Amazing Race, but with our Canadian culture and our own ideas. It can be an original reality TV show. We can include some of the best features and the spirit from The Amazing Race but without necessarily have to copy every single element. In a way, we could lower down the budget but still keep it exciting and fun to watch.

Survivor doesn't have people travel around the world. American Next Top Model doesn't have contestants to eat bugs or bungee jump. The Apprentice features Donald Trump's personality and success without showing other countries' culture. American Idol is about finding a charismatic and well-singing American without backstabbing situation. They are still good reality TV shows and some of them have more viewers than The Amazing Race.

Reality TV is all about the drama. My experience has taught me that "the drama" is something not too difficult to create. With the right casts and right planning of the racecourses and tasks, and also the surprising twists to spice up the race, all these elements can help a reality TV show become a must tune-in.

January 16, 2007


TAR11: All Stars just announced on CBS.com today.

I always get a question from past racers... is The Amazing Hunt going to have an All-Stars version someday?

Well, since September 2004, my experience of producing the races gives me the opportunity to meet different kinds of people all over Vancouver and also one team from Calgary. Some racers are just so unique and some racers are just so lovable. Of course, some racers are just so villainy that they were hated by all other teams... but I always say, you can't have an interesting race without them.

While filming these teams in the race and through extensive editing in the post-production, I get to know them better. Sometimes, I do feel bad that the team I am rooting for didn't win. People might say that the Executive Producer should not have favorites. But hey, sometimes I just couldn't help it.

Back to the topic here... If I have enough man-power and budget, I will definitely go for the idea of recruiting some memorable and controversial teams back for a multi-day race which lots of people are interested in.

I am hoping to see more new racers with big personality spice up this year's competition. Don't worry about all the swearing and cussing. We are trying to keep it real because that is what makes The Amazing Hunt so interesting to watch! I am definitely looking forward to some crazy, wild, and explosive moment in this year's adventure.

January 15, 2007


It is 2007, the year of expect the unexpected in The Amazing Hunt.

First, the weather is just unexpectedly cold. Hopefully the weather will get better in time for our first race on Granville Island on January 27th.

Second, as promised, there are two new elements coming to the races this year. The unexpected thing is that rather than revealing them on the race day, I am going to tell you the big secrets now! I call them DOUBLE TWISTS POWER, and now they are activated!

The two new elements are INTERSECTION & MERGE. For avid Amazing Race fans, you probably know what INTERSECTION is. Well, expect another unexpected surprise! The INTERSECTION in the hunt will have no resemblence to the TV show whatsoever other than the name itself. So, what is it then? Here is a hint... it is like when you reach an INTERSECTION on the road. And this logic also applies to MERGE as well. The rest, you have to figure it out yourself...

Many past racers are coming back this year again for a shot at winning the title and the chances of competing in the championship race. However, things are not what it used to be anymore. With these two new elements, the dynamic of the race will change drastically as racers should come up with a new strategy in order to bring home the victory.

Will there be more twists and surprises other than the two new elements this year? I am afraid the answer is a huge "YES!"

November 24, 2006


In 2007, there will be 7 races in the Greater Vancouver area as well as one that will take place for the first time on Vancouver Island.

After the installment of "Intersection", there will be another never before seen new element coming to the hunt.
This 7th element alongside with "Intersection" will definitely change the dynamic of the way to play this game.

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!!
See you next year :)

November 08, 2006


It has been interesting watching The Amazing Race 10 coming up new twists. For example, sudden elimination, new non-elimination penalty, and now a new element, "Intersection."

Well, as the best adventure race in Vancouver B.C. that modeled after The Amazing Race, The Amazing Hunt cannot do the race without this new element as well.

However, the "Intersection" will have a different effect than what they have in the show. Of course, I am not going to reveal how I am going to play with this new idea yet. Soon you will find out in the races in 2007.

October 28, 2006


Congratulation to Dean & Stephen (the pastors) won the championship race.

Many twists and surprises were thrown to the teams and they were shocked to learn that the championship was an intense foot race at Stanley Park. And u
nlike previous races which teams usually run to their backpacks for the first clue, teams must navigate on their own to find the first clue at the statue of Lord Stanley.

Along the way, tasks were too difficult for some, and they ended up taking the penalty. These tasks not only test their strength but also their knowledge on "The Amazing Hunt" itself.

Dean & Stephen was able to face these ultimate challenges and crossed the finish line first.

Race Result:
1st - Dean & Stephen (yielded by Michael & Tanya)
2nd - Michael & Tanya
3rd - Greg & Laurelle
4th - Colin & Julie
5th - Daniel & Jeffrey
6th - Ritz & Velmone

October 06, 2006


At the TAR10 starting line, Phil said: "You may think you know this race and how to play the game. But I am here to tell you, that in this race, there will be surprises you never expected!"

The Amazing Hunt is entering its 3rd year. In the 2007 races, I am aiming for the same goal to provide the racers with more twists and surprises. The theme for the 2007 races is to "expect the unexpected," like our host always said at the starting line.

So, if you have any ideas for the tasks or locations for teams to visit, please let me know by e-mail or reply this blog. If your idea gets accepted, you will get an official The Amazing Hunt t-shirt!

August 15, 2006


This is the first ever Family Edition in The Amazing Hunt. However, it was the most challenging event in all the 2006 races. The kids really had proven themselves to other teenagers and adults that they could not be reckon with. Even though producing this special Family Edition is more difficult than other races, it is definitely rewarding to see the kids having the time of their lives!

Race Result:
1st - Greg & Sean
2nd - Shane & Jeremy
3rd - Dylan & Sean
4th - Augustina & Nick
5th - Fuji & Yumi
6th - Bob & Nathan (Yielded by Dylan & Sean)


Race Result:
1st - Daniel & Jeffrey
2nd - Colin & Julie
3rd - Chris & Shadi
4th - Erin & Sarah
5th - Amy & Jeff (Yielded by Chris & Shadi)
6th - Dave & Jeff
7th - Doug & Gianmarco
8th - Chelsea & Jenna
9th - Hayley & Juanito


Race Result:
1st - Dean & Stephen
2nd - Michael & Tanya
3rd - Greg & Laurelle (Yielded by Dean & Stephen)
4th - Alicia & Dagan
5th - Glenna & Jo-Ella
6th - Gail & Todd
7th - Jenean & Rosanne
8th - Caroline & Ted
9th - Diane & Vicky
10th - Pam & Sonia (Eliminated)


Race Result:
1st - Dean & Stephen
2nd - Kamara & Teresa
3rd - Bonnie & Peter
4th - Debbie & Treena (Yielded by Dean & Stephen)
5th - Matt & Mj
6th - Karen & Leanne


Race Result:
1st - JP & Ritz
2nd - Dani & Eden
3rd - Cory & Shane
4th - Lynda & Ross
5th - Kevin & Ron
6th - Dave & Jeff (Yielded by Dani & Eden) (Eliminated)