October 28, 2006


Congratulation to Dean & Stephen (the pastors) won the championship race.

Many twists and surprises were thrown to the teams and they were shocked to learn that the championship was an intense foot race at Stanley Park. And u
nlike previous races which teams usually run to their backpacks for the first clue, teams must navigate on their own to find the first clue at the statue of Lord Stanley.

Along the way, tasks were too difficult for some, and they ended up taking the penalty. These tasks not only test their strength but also their knowledge on "The Amazing Hunt" itself.

Dean & Stephen was able to face these ultimate challenges and crossed the finish line first.

Race Result:
1st - Dean & Stephen (yielded by Michael & Tanya)
2nd - Michael & Tanya
3rd - Greg & Laurelle
4th - Colin & Julie
5th - Daniel & Jeffrey
6th - Ritz & Velmone


Dean said...

so tired

legs sore

must sleep

The Snow's said...

Thanks Bill - we had a blast! OHHHH - my legs are sore!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!

So what was the final roadblock that was "unthinkable??"