January 15, 2007


It is 2007, the year of expect the unexpected in The Amazing Hunt.

First, the weather is just unexpectedly cold. Hopefully the weather will get better in time for our first race on Granville Island on January 27th.

Second, as promised, there are two new elements coming to the races this year. The unexpected thing is that rather than revealing them on the race day, I am going to tell you the big secrets now! I call them DOUBLE TWISTS POWER, and now they are activated!

The two new elements are INTERSECTION & MERGE. For avid Amazing Race fans, you probably know what INTERSECTION is. Well, expect another unexpected surprise! The INTERSECTION in the hunt will have no resemblence to the TV show whatsoever other than the name itself. So, what is it then? Here is a hint... it is like when you reach an INTERSECTION on the road. And this logic also applies to MERGE as well. The rest, you have to figure it out yourself...

Many past racers are coming back this year again for a shot at winning the title and the chances of competing in the championship race. However, things are not what it used to be anymore. With these two new elements, the dynamic of the race will change drastically as racers should come up with a new strategy in order to bring home the victory.

Will there be more twists and surprises other than the two new elements this year? I am afraid the answer is a huge "YES!"

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