January 16, 2007


TAR11: All Stars just announced on CBS.com today.

I always get a question from past racers... is The Amazing Hunt going to have an All-Stars version someday?

Well, since September 2004, my experience of producing the races gives me the opportunity to meet different kinds of people all over Vancouver and also one team from Calgary. Some racers are just so unique and some racers are just so lovable. Of course, some racers are just so villainy that they were hated by all other teams... but I always say, you can't have an interesting race without them.

While filming these teams in the race and through extensive editing in the post-production, I get to know them better. Sometimes, I do feel bad that the team I am rooting for didn't win. People might say that the Executive Producer should not have favorites. But hey, sometimes I just couldn't help it.

Back to the topic here... If I have enough man-power and budget, I will definitely go for the idea of recruiting some memorable and controversial teams back for a multi-day race which lots of people are interested in.

I am hoping to see more new racers with big personality spice up this year's competition. Don't worry about all the swearing and cussing. We are trying to keep it real because that is what makes The Amazing Hunt so interesting to watch! I am definitely looking forward to some crazy, wild, and explosive moment in this year's adventure.

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