February 10, 2007


It is only the first race in 2007 and there are already lots of unexpected moment for both racers and myself.

First, 3 teams took the penalty for the counting beads roadblock. Second, Fast Forward did not guareentee a 1st place for Andy & Shane. Third, women (Janine, Nora, & Rebecca) dominated the beer chugging task in Granville Island Brewing while men (Christian & Shane) suffered. Lastly, the "intersection" twist caused lead teams to fall behind while Christian and Damon still survived after a long-period of time-penalty and won the race by merely seconds.

Looking back of today's race, it has proven that good strategy, skilled navigation, and also luck can alter the outcome. Don't ever think that because you are either physically fit or unfit, it will affect the chance of winning. Everyone has a equal chance of coming first!

By the way, since last year, we never had any female-female winning team and we had consecutively 5 male-male winners. So, I believe it is time to demonstrate there is still girl-power in adventure race; and it is also a good time for co-ed team to make a surge as well...

Here is a thorough race report written by Rebecca at

Race Result:
1st - Nora & Sean
2nd - Beverley & Janine
3rd - Andy & Shane (claimed Fast Forward)
4th - Jenny & Rebecca
5th - Christian & Damon
1st - Christian & Damon
2nd - Andy & Shane
3rd - Nora & Sean
4th - Beverley & Janine (yielded by Andy & Shane)
5th - Jenny & Rebecca

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Shane said...

Hey Bill, just wondering when we are all going to get together to watch this, I wanna see how close we were to winning the race. :)