February 10, 2007


Beware! Here are the twists in this year's races:

1) MERGE is very similar to the "Intersection" on the TV show. It requires two teams to join forces until further notice. But, unlike the TV show, the new unit of 4 people must either finish one task together or several tasks seperately depends on the given clue.

2) INTERSECTION is a brand new element where teams are forced deliberately to proceed to different destinations. Teams can only decide based on the limited amount of information provided. It is better if you have a good knowledge about the city you are racing in. Otherwise, it can be a surprise for some. This is where you will need to use your brain rather than your brawn.

3) Unlike previous races, instead of giving teams race money at the start of each leg, teams will receive all the money at the starting point. So, you need to be smarter about controlling your spending through out the entire race rather than just leg by leg.

4) In the past, teams were informed in the clue when they are going to reach a pit stop. However, starting this year, there will be no indication as where the pit stop is going to be. So, teams must stay at a high alert that any checkpoint could be a pit stop in the race.

5) Adapted from the TV show, whoever arrive last at the pit stop, they still get to keep their posession but will receive a time-penalty which will incur somewhere during the race. Is it the same as "marked for elimination"? Sorry, can't tell you until the next race in North and West Vancouver.

For your information, there are still more twists to come~~

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