March 17, 2007


Despite the not-so-sunny weather once again, this time, 5 families of 2 embarked on another family edition in Downtown Vancouver. This time, the teams were all consisted with teens which brought a different dynamic to the family composition.

Even though the entire racecourse covered half of the downtown and it was quite a distance for teams to travel only on foot, the truly challenging part of the race is the tasks teams encountered especially where teams went to English Bay to dig through a pile of sand to find their clue.

Thanks to The Old Spaghetti Factory and Sea to Sky Golf helping us set up tasks and provided the racers some memorable moments and interesting experience.

Race Result:
1st - Nicky & Liam
2nd - Shane & Jeremy
3rd - Sean & Seamus
4th - Dylan & Sean
5th - Scott & Chelsea
1st - Shane & Jeremy
2nd - Nicky & Liam (Yielded by Shane & Jeremy)
3rd - Sean & Seamus
4th - Scott & Chelsea
5th - Dylan & Sean


Chris said...

Congrats to Shane, in his 4th or 5th race and finally winning :)

Liam said...

Not by much though! That silly pride parade route store...arg! And the yield on top of it too.