August 11, 2007


It was on a sunny Saturday and 11 teams of 2 embarked on the most physically challenging race ever in The Amazing Hunt. It was a battle of endurance as teams encountered the most physically strenuous tasks throughout the entire race in Vancouver.

Teams started at BC Place, the world’s largest air supported domed stadium and the home to the BC’s largest trade consumer shows. The teams sprinted their way and discovered that they must get ready to experience a full day of summer sports including ladder ascending, stairs climbing, and stand-up paddling. In addition, the race wouldn’t be the same without a nasty eating challenge which teams must choose between “Eggs First” and “Chicken First.” To my surprise, Garry and Rocco performed both detour options and resulted in a 30 minute penalty which made them fell from 4th place to 6th place at the pit stop.

Talking about penalties, Intersection came in play once again in the Vancouver race which teams must choose between “Aquabus” and “Taxi” to get to what teams assumed to be a pit stop. Evan and Linda chose “Taxi” at the Intersection but mistakenly boarding the aquabus which made them end up from 5th place to 7th place at the pit stop with a 30-minute time penalty as well.

Why is this race the most physically challenging race ever? Well, expect the unexpected! When the teams arrived what it was supposed to be a pit stop, they were informed by the host that this leg wasn’t finished yet and were given their next clue. This twist definitely sent a shockwave and teams experienced high levels of anxiety as this was the longest 5-hour one leg race.

I am so proud of many participants when they fought through their fears and pushed their limit to try their best to finish the race. Congratulate to Ursula and Stan coming in first place and ending the winning streak of two men team.

Thank you to all the participants and race staff who made this race possible. Also, I would like to thank Cliffhanger and Windsure Adventure Water Sports helped us create such fantastic and exciting tasks.

Race Result:
1st - Norman & Trevor
2nd - Dave & Jeff
3rd - Deanna & Ellen
4th - Ursula & Stan
5th - Nora & Sean
6th - Garry & Rocco
7th - Evan & Linda
8th - Lambert & Lien
9th - Lisa & Mimi
10th - Ann-Marie & Ann
11th - Sandra & Shannon (TBC)
1st - Ursula & Stan
2nd - Norman & Trevor
3rd - Deanna & Ellen
4th - Sandra & Shannon
5th - Nora & Sean
6th - Garry & Rocco (Yielded by Norman & Trevor)
7th - Lambert & Lien
8th - Dave & Jeff
9th - Lisa & Mimi
10th - Evan & Linda
11th - Ann-Marie & Ann


Anonymous said...

Had an amazing time and met some wonderful people. Thank you to everyone for making this such a memorable weekend for me. Hope to see you all again soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bill, his crew, and the teams for a fabulous hunt!! It certainly was a physically demanding, loooong leg! Although it was a struggle, I'm glad Mimi's legs and my arms got us through the tasks! Can't wait to see the edited footage!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bill and the volunteers for an awesome experience! We are looking forward to joining upcomimng races. Round 2 guys?

Can't wait for the DVD!

Lien and Lambert

Anonymous said...

I will NEVER look an an egg the same way!!! Thanks for an amazing time guys. We met some awesome people and we will definitely see you again soon. Cheers, DeAnna

Anonymous said...

This was an amazing experience!!! I had a blast doing the tasks and met some wonderful people along the way. Thanks to Bill and the crew for making this event so unforgettable.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped look for the screw to my glasses!

Anonymous said...

What a blast! We will be back! As already mentioned, thanks to Bill and the volunteers for an Amazing time.
Thanks also to a great group of racers. We really enjoyed every aspect of the day, well except for being last for most of the race.
Hopefully we will see you again sometime.

sandra said...

Well, it was truly an amazing race! Thanks to Bill and crew for a job well done. I will definitely do another race. I enjoyed the oppotunity to go out for dinner with some of you. Good times! Take care everyone, Sandra

Bill Lin said...

I am glad that The Amazing Hunt provided all of you a great racing experience. It is also one of my favorites as well.

Sandra's idea is good. Let's go have dinner sometime, a time without competitive spirits but only total relaxation.

No DETOURs, ROADBLOCKs, and YIELD... or maybe there should be. Just kidding!

Miss 604 said...

wow looks like a great turn out for this race!