September 09, 2007


Thank you Rebecca once again for posting a very thorough and detailed information about the race.

I guess I don't have to do any recap. So, I will just share my personal thoughts towards how I planned this race and how the things turned out.

Planning Surrey race wasn't as hard as I thought even though it indeed covered an enormous area. Unlike the Vancouver one, this race was about challenging teams' brain rather than their brawn although the run from Lions Gate Lookout Park to White Rock Pier was really physically grueling.

As the race went on, the task got crazier. The tidious "price checking" and "plank counting", the troubled navigation in the corn maze, and lastly the gross-out eating challenge at Honey Bee Centre. All these tasks were testing teams to overcome their mentality.

Once again, Merge came into play and one team was destined not able to merge but at the same time, there was also the Fast Forward available. For this particular Fast Forward, teams were given a choice to take a 30-minute time penalty and then proceed directly to the finish line which it has never been done before in The Amazing Hunt. It would be a great strategy to take the Fast Forward for the 4 teams who were on the first train. It could definitely guarentee a 1st place finish. But, teams were put into a difficult situation to make an ultimate decision.

I was impressed by several racers to overcome their physical ability and finish the race with a sense of humor and strong will. It was a difficult race and a hot day just made it more challenging. Thanks to The Bose Family Corn Maze, Honey Bee Centre and Sports Starz help us creating such wonderful tasks.

Race Result:
1st - Alex & Sharon
2nd - Cheri & Martin
3rd - Dean & Stephen
4th - Jenny & Rebecca
5th - Les & Lyle
6th - Sigrid & Jennifer
7th - Bobbie & Tarina
1st - Dean & Stephen
2nd - Cheri & Martin
3rd - Alex & Sharon
4th - Jenny & Rebecca
5th - Sigrid & Jennifer (claimed Fast Forward)
6th - Les & Lyle
7th - Bobbie & Tarina
* no teams opted to use the yield


Jeff said...

congrats once again Dean and Stephen!

Miss 604 said...

Dean and Stephen are total allstars :-) Thanks for organizing such a great event, Bill!