November 19, 2007


"You may think you know everything about the race..."
This is what we always say at the starting line.

Past racers and avid TAR watchers probably believe they have everything figure out. Well, things are about to change! In 2008, The Amazing Hunt has T.I.P. for you - "The Infinite Possibilities!"

Based on the original concept, The Amazing Hunt is about to spice things up with new races, new rules and new twists. Unlike previous years, there is a new twist involving teams must map up their own route. As they figure out, they must find a way that works in their advantage to go to all possible locations with the shortest amount of time. This new concept will forced teams to play with strategy. It is truly test of your brains and brawn.

The Amazing Hunt is not just another urban adventure. We are always taking risks, seeking for improvement, and making the race more exhilarating. So, get ready to experience "The Infinite Possibilities!"

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