November 22, 2007


What makes a reality TV show worth watching?
The concept? The twists? or the casts?

The casts is the core of any reality TV show. This is where the heart-warming moments, non-stopping dramas, and controversial issues created. The reason that I am so addicted to reality TV shows is all about how human nature reacts under different situations.

With that said, creating The Amazing Hunt allows me to meet diverse people with interesting personalities. One of the big thrills for me, personally, is having them racing in an adrenaline filled adventure and watching the process unfold... namely how some people crumble under pressure!

Here is a footage from the 2007 August race in Vancouver. During the mid-way of the race where the participants had been physically exhausted racing for 3-hour continously, you will get to see how each team's dynamic and each person's true color showing without sensor bit by bit... enjoy!

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