December 05, 2007


Every year, The Amazing Hunt always have past racers coming back once again to enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush and to have a shot at the winning title. Inevitably, there bound to be some repeated locations and tasks. However, when The Amazing Hunt revisit these places, there is always something new that I discover. Then, I come up with new ways to write the clues and to come up with more difficult tasks.

Is the race getting more challenging every year? Yes, it is true. For example, in October 2005, The Amazing Hunt was fortunate enough to hold a race in Chilliwack which I personally do want to go back again someday. In the Chilliwack corn maze, teams were asked to perform a challenge to search a route marker near a very visible wooden bridge. In September 2007, The Amazing Hunt was given a chance to experience the famous Bose Family Corn Maze. This time, without any indication, teams were required to find a marked clue box somewhere in a massive corn field. It was not an easy task.

What can you expect from The Amazing Hunt in 2008? The race format will undergo a drastic change and teams will encounter more skill related tasks. In addition, most of the challenges cannot be dominate by physicality alone. They certainly require the understanding of your personal inner strength.

So, don't let your age or gender be your setback. Everyone will have a fair shot. It all depends on how well you know the city and how much you are willing to push yourself to accomplish something that you are probably not familiar with in your daily life. The Amazing Hunt is here to promote an adventure that everybody can be a part of!

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