November 26, 2007


The Amazing Race never seize to amaze the viewers. Even though the concept of the show and the format of the race is a little bit repetitive and boring, the incredible casts and new twists make the show better than ever. Apparently, the rumor was that there will be two new twists in this season, U-TURN and SPEED BUMP! In episode 4, "U-TURN" appeared after SHAKE YOUR PAN OR SHAKE YOUR BOOTY detour which allows one team to force another team to go back to the complete both detour options.

The Amazing Race Asia started their season 2 installement and it looks better than ever. The starting line music still sucks but the editing is way much better than last season. The overall premier is more interesting, intense and unpredictable to watch comparing to TAR. It is undoubtly that TARA is going to be a great success. Sigh... when can we have a Canadian version of a reality TV racing show?

The Amazing Hunt is going to launch the 2008 races soon with new rules and new twists. Definitely without a doubt, "U-TURN" element fits our new theme and new format perfectly and racers should expect to see this new power in play at somepoint during the race. And now, I am just anxious to see what "SPEED BUMP" is going to be like and see if I can implement that too. After all, The Amazing Hunt is always trying our best to present you the most similar racing experience to the TV show.

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Miss 604 said...

got the DVD last week - another great job Bill!