November 08, 2008


Since the beginning, The Amazing Hunt has modeled after The Amazing Race to create similar reality TV like racing experience. Through out the years, new elements have been added in the race to make the race more exciting, more challenging, and teams will need to come up their own unique strategy.

Other than the regular “Route Info”, “Detour”, “Roadblock” and “Fast Forward,” The Amazing Hunt has also implemented “Yield”, “Merge (known as Intersection in The Amazing Race)” and “U-turn.”

In 2008, The Amazing Hunt surprises the racers with a brand new element that is not seen in the TV show called “Roundabout.” Roundabout certainly creates more variables to the race and definitely encourages teams who have less physical strength to play this game with their wit.

So, what’s going to happen in the year of 2009? In 2007, there were 7 elements; in 2008, “Roundabout” factored in and therefore there were 8 elements; and will there be another element appearing in The Amazing Hunt?

There are already some new surprises brewing… Let’s wait and see!

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