November 08, 2008


The Amazing Race 13 is on its way and once again with 11 teams of 2 who are travelling around the world for 1 million US dollar. At the same time, The Amazing Race Asia 3 is making its way around Asia and beyond with another 10 teams of 2 aiming to gain $100,000 US dollar in their wallet.

The editing, intensity of the race, and the teams’ dynamic in TARA3 is better than TAR13. However, the Asian version didn’t include the new twist “U-turn”, as well as the “Speed Bump.”

Personally, I am a little bit disappointed of TAR13's racecourse creation in a few legs with the exception of the leg in New Zealand. Some of the tasks were poorly designed and didn’t create any drama between the teams. In addition, I found some tasks in TAR13 are become more complicated for viewers to follow and it certainly didn’t represent the culture of the country that the teams were in. So, some episodes are not as nearly exciting as the ones in the previous seasons. As some fans indicate, it becomes a bit repetitive. Let's bring some excitement and tensity back to the race!

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