January 26, 2007


It has come to my attention that it is a very difficult situation for Canadian Television to produce an Amazing-Race like reality TV show. It does require a huge budget to do so. However, it doesn't mean we Canadian should stop there.

Until now, we haven't seen any individuals in U.S. or in Canada that produce an Amazing-Race like event and also with a very well-produced footage on a regular basis. The volunteers and I in The Amazing Hunt have devoted a great deal and also put in a huge effort to support this local version adventure race.

On the other hand, some of you may have seen The Amazing Race Asia. The race is very well-produced but the editing is not as good as The Amazing Race. But, everything comes with time and experience. I believe TARA will also become a big success. This could also apply to the possible Canadian version of The Amazing Race.

But back to the reality, Canadian television does not have a huge budget to produce any TV show. With a smaller population and viewers comparing to U.S., it is even more difficult to gather Canadian and/or other countries' sponsors to support Canadian television show. So, in the end, the possibility of producing Canadian version of Amazing Race is close to zero.

However, we don't have to come up with a Canadian version of Amazing Race. We can come up our own Canadian reality TV race. It may be based on or inspired by Amazing Race, but with our Canadian culture and our own ideas. It can be an original reality TV show. We can include some of the best features and the spirit from The Amazing Race but without necessarily have to copy every single element. In a way, we could lower down the budget but still keep it exciting and fun to watch.

Survivor doesn't have people travel around the world. American Next Top Model doesn't have contestants to eat bugs or bungee jump. The Apprentice features Donald Trump's personality and success without showing other countries' culture. American Idol is about finding a charismatic and well-singing American without backstabbing situation. They are still good reality TV shows and some of them have more viewers than The Amazing Race.

Reality TV is all about the drama. My experience has taught me that "the drama" is something not too difficult to create. With the right casts and right planning of the racecourses and tasks, and also the surprising twists to spice up the race, all these elements can help a reality TV show become a must tune-in.

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King said...

What kind of budget do you think is necessary to produce a Canadian TAR? I think a Canadian TAR might be possible if it limited itself to a smaller grand prize and didn't travel as far, like TAR Asia.