November 08, 2008


After exactly 3 years, The Amazing Hunt is finally back in Fort Langley and Langley for the second time. With 4 teams of 2, they raced across these two cities on the hottest day of this summer.

The racecourse focused on the unique lifestyle in the "country side of Vancouver." Even though the tasks are not too challenging, but the "nice" weather made them more unbearable. It was the first time that teams were not being supportive and bickered with each other during roadblocks. However, the detours brought the teams back and worked together chopping woods on a farm and searching for a certain antique in the shop.

In the end, with age comes wisdom, the grandparents Steve and Wendy never gave up and came from last place to first place. They are officially the winner in the 2008 Langley race and the oldest winning team in the history of The Amazing Hunt.

1st – Jordan & Jenn
2nd – Amanda & Nicole
3rd – Aaron & Kim
4th – Steve & Wendy (Yielded by Amanda & Nicole)
1st – Steve & Wendy
2nd – Amanda & Nicole (U-turned by Jordan & Jenn)
3rd – Jordan & Jenn
4th – Aaron & Kim

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